Seed-DB – world-wide database of seed accelerators

In July 2012 I launched Seed-DB, a world-wide database of seed accelerators and the companies they’ve funded.  It now tracks hundreds of individual accelerators, thousands of companies, and billions of dollars in funding.

Seed-DB grew out of a research paper I wrote for my MBA thesis at the University of Cambridge in the summer of 2009.  At the time, it was the first academic look at seed accelerators and crucially I collected the first sets of data on accelerators and companies.  From the summer of 2009 through 2012 the data lived in a handful of Google spreadsheets, before I turned this all into Seed-DB.

Seed-DB has two primary sources of data.  The proprietary data is what programs exist, and which companies have come out of each program.  Seed-DB also uses Crunchbase and Angellist APIs to get additional data and do further analysis on the seed accelerator ecosystem.


List of accelerators:

Seed-DB Investor Graph:

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