Fun hobby of the week: Twitter-tracking dirty words

Step 1: Sign up for Twitter and link it to one of your instant messaging accounts.

Step 2: Read this.

Step 3: Set Twitter to track a dozen of the dirtiest, nastiest words you can think of.

Step 4: Soak in the glorious river of humanity.

Just a few from the last couple minutes:

(cleversimon): It’s “conscience,” not “conscious.” For f***’s sake.

(crummy_cupcake): Ant crawling across my glasses. Now I itch everywhere. F*** me.

(oncogenetic): Let me give a s*** about your tiny problem. Waah, you scratched your hand.

(ennn): Yeah, tell me how I’m not taking on enough work for [company name omitted] when I’m running on an hour of sleep after 2 midterms. F*** this.

(jeangrey): my neighbour started renovating too! freaking hammer sounds alllllll morning. F***!

(glyn): Ah f*** who am I kidding, cheap whiskey you are TOTALLY the boss of me

(vaspers): @[name removed] – You’re trolling me. You put words in my mouth, you ignore my explanations. You keep making wild accusations. F*** you, sir.

(justkatehere): Just told a boy who sorely deserved it to go f*** himself. I feel like a rockstar. JAZZ HANDS!!!!

And one I often agree with:

(AkanahJebez): hey what the f***. how am i awake.

Disclaimer: I am a small angel investor in Twitter. Which by no means reduces the amount of enjoyment I am getting out of my new fun hobby.