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Meet the Princeton University Anscombe Society:

The Anscombe Society is a student organization dedicated to affirming the importance of the family, marriage, and a proper understanding for the role of sex and sexuality.

We aim to promote an environment that values the crucial role the intact, stable family plays in sustaining society; the definition of marriage as the exclusive, monogamous union of a man and a woman; its role as an institution which is necessary for the healthy family, and thus for a healthy society; a conception of feminism that encourages motherhood; and a chaste lifestyle which respects and appreciates human sexuality, relationships, and dignity.

Therefore, we celebrate sex as unifying, beautiful, and joyful when shared in its proper context: that of marriage between a man and woman.

In summary: chastity until marriage; marriage only between a man and a woman; the woman to be primarily barefoot and pregnant.

By the way, yes, that means that gay people should never have sex:

We cannot support homosexual relations which fall outside the goals of chastity, nor the proposition for same sex marriage, which challenges the fundamental definition of marriage.

Meet Anscombe Society officer and Princeton junior Francisco Nava:

This week at Princeton’s annual health fair “Cirque de Sante,” students found a colorful bazaar of low-fat foods, posture and dental screenings, Frisbees and lines of nurses administering the year’s coveted flu shot. One undergraduate summed it up simply: “There’s nothing here but good medicine in good supply.”

If only that were true.

Something else was in good supply this week that might not be the best medicine for today’s college students: condoms.

Movie music: duh duh DUM.

Yes, buckets of them. Like candy, placed side-by-side with piles of Hershey’s chocolate, latex condoms were there for the taking.

Movie music, one key lower: duh duh DUM.

The plot thickens:

Four officers of the Anscombe Society and a prominent conservative politics professor [who advises the Anscombe Society] received threatening emails Wednesday evening from off-campus email addresses.

The five individuals received identical messages telling them they would “suffer,” ordering them to “shut the fuck up” and declaring that “you are not welcome here.” “We will destroy you,” the message said.

Though the message did not explicitly mention the Anscombe Society, the four students who received emails were Anscombe vice president Jonathan Hwang, president Kevin Staley-Joyce, former president Sherif Girgis and administrative committee chair Francisco Nava. Politics professor Robert George — who has publicly supported conservative causes, including the Anscombe Society’s goal of promoting chastity — also received the message.

“It would be safe to say that the Anscombe Society is a common factor linking all of us,” Hwang said. “It is the most intense reaction to the Anscombe Society that I’ve ever received.”

Nava said he has received several threats in the last two months, which began soon after he became more active in Anscombe. Two were sent to his Frist Campus Center mailbox, and he found another slipped under the door of his dorm room one day upon returning home from church…

Nava said there was an important difference this time: The sender switched from the singular to the plural, saying “we are watching you.” Nava wondered aloud how many people this was meant to be. “It’s a little more disconcerting,” he said.

“If the email is from off-campus, I feel a little better because it’s some wacko or something, but if it’s on campus then you start to wonder,” he said. “It could be your neighbor, a peer, your professor, someone you brush elbows with in the dining hall.”

And then, the pro-sex forces attack!

Francisco Nava was physically attacked by two men in Princeton Township Friday evening, reportedly sustaining a concussion but no other serious injuries.

The assault comes on the heels of several threatening messages recently sent to Nava, apparently in connection with his involvement with the socially conservative Anscombe Society…

Nava said in an interview Friday evening that he was walking from a borrowed car to the house of a boy he is mentoring when he was stopped by a man dressed in black and wearing a ski cap. According to Nava, the man said that someone was hurt and asked for his help. A second assailant, who was waiting around the corner, grabbed Nava from behind. Together, the two men checked him against a wall and repeatedly hit his head against the bricks.

“Eventually I just blacked out,” Nava said. “I don’t remember what happened; I just saw a bunch of white.” When he came to, he said, the two men were still hitting him.

Nava said the two men told him to “shut the fuck up” as they left him lying on the ground. Though he was carrying a wallet, credit cards and a cell phone, the assailants did not take any of Nava’s belongings…

Nava said he was sure the assailants “at least had something to do with” threats he has been receiving since mid-October. He pointed out that his assailants’ parting words — “shut the fuck up” — concluded the most recent threat letter he received, an email that arrived Wednesday afternoon.

Nava said the first assailant — the one who lured him around the corner — was blue-eyed, athletic and a little over six feet tall. He said he didn’t get a good look at the second one, but that he was also athletic, about four to five inches shorter than the other and wearing Adidas sneakers. Both men were white, and dressed from head to toe in black, he said.

“They were dressed in young people’s clothing,” he said. “I don’t think they were residents of that place.”

Nava said that the attack has left him undeterred. “I’m still committed to having the beliefs that I do, and I hope that Princeton will show these two characters that intimidation doesn’t work,” he said.

Reaction from conservatives was swift and furious:

The rare incidence of violence within the Ivy League prompted an outcry from conservative students and faculty who said they felt singled out by the Princeton administration and the majority of the student body, who remained silent in the face of what looked to many like a politically charged attack…

“There would rightly be outrage had the student been part of some other minority on campus,” said a 2006 Princeton graduate who works at a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., Michael Fragoso. “I have yet to see that right now, and that’s rather disappointing.”…

A senior at Princeton, Stephen Hsia, wrote in a column for the student newspaper that more upsetting than a late reaction from the administration was the lack of student reaction. “The reaction of the student body has been noticeably silent,” Mr. Hsia wrote…

The president of Princeton’s senior class, Thomas Haine, yesterday called the university’s reaction to the initial death threats received by Mr. Nava “unacceptable.”…

“An assault on those who express their opinion hurts all of us who might want to express their views. If you have a problem with what I say, then come and get me,” a sophomore who is a member of the Princeton College Republicans, Wyatt Yankus, wrote…

A conservative professor at Harvard, Harvey Mansfield, said he is outraged. “I hope Princeton comes down on them like a ton of bricks, and by Princeton I mean either the university or the township or both,” Mr. Mansfield said. “It should be easy for liberals to identify a case of intolerance; they’re good at that.”

There’s only one problem: you guessed it…

Francisco Nava has admitted to fabricating an alleged assault on him that he said occurred Friday evening and to sending threatening emails to himself, other members of the Anscombe Society and prominent conservative politics professor Robert George.

He admitted the falsification today while being questioned by Princeton Township Police.

In an interview with The Daily Princetonian, Nava expressed remorse for his actions’ effects on the recipients of the threatening emails, other Anscombe members and the general Princeton community. “I accept full responsibility for my actions and agree to face criminal and/or disciplinary proceedings from the University,” Nava said. He declined to answer any other questions, however, including how he managed to inflict the injuries on himself…

Turns out he’s a liar and a wuss:

Detective Sgt. Ernie Silagyi said Township Police became suspicious after “there were some things that didn’t add up” in Nava’s story. “We interviewed him this morning, we confronted him with the inconsistencies, and he admitted to fabricating the assault and the threatening emails,” Silagyi said, adding that Nava told Township Police that his injuries were self-inflicted.

Wondering if there were any warning signs in Nava’s background? Well…

When he was a student at Groton School in Groton, Mass., Nava said, he had fabricated a threat against himself and his roommate, writing “Die Fags!” outside their door and reporting the message to school officials.

Luckily Princeton still has high admissions standards:

[Princeton] University had made [Nava] defer his admission for a year after reading Groton’s report of the incident to “get therapy and counseling” but still allowed him to matriculate at the University.

[Story links courtesy of Talking Points Memo.]