For those of you who follow the success rate of media industry joint ventures

Wall Street Journal today:

Movie-rental chain Blockbuster Inc. [acquired] Movielink LLC, a downloading service owned by the major Hollywood studios.

After several months of talks, first reported in March, Blockbuster said late yesterday it had acquired Movielink from the studios for undisclosed terms. The Wall Street Journal had reported in March that the price was said to be less than $50 million, although the final deal was less than $20 million, said a person familiar with the situation.

On the other hand, this one is going to go much better — New York Times today:

The joint venture between NBC Universal and the News Corporation to bring their television shows and movies onto the Internet still lacks a Web site. It still has no name. It also has yet to announce a clear mission that persuades the large number of skeptical observers that real-world rivals can cooperate online.

But the company, still known only by the working name of “New Site” [or, if you read TechCrunch, “Clown Co.”], now has some deeper pockets. Providence Equity Partners, a media investment firm based in Rhode Island, has invested $100 million for a 10 percent stake in the joint venture, people with knowledge of the deal said.