Comments, trackbacks, and design

A few quick housekeeping notes…

I have removed all comments. I just don’t have time to provide the level of moderation needed to ensure a respectful and relevant conversation.

The great thing about blogging is that everyone can have a blog. I love when people contribute thoughts on the topics I write about, and I’d highly encourage anyone who wants to do so to have your own blog and then provide trackback pings to this blog. I’ll keep trackbacks open on my last 20 posts to facilitate that method of conversation. (I’ll close trackbacks on posts other than the last 20 in order to limit the window for spam.)

Finally, as you may have noticed, I am experimenting with a new design. Please pardon the dust during this design construction period.

Thank you!

[Addendum: I just noticed that the new design does provide clear visibility into trackbacks from the home page, although the individual post pages do show trackbacks properly. I will try to have the design tweaked to highlight trackbacks on the home page.]