Blogging by the numbers

Days blogging: 4.5

Total blog posts: 7

Number of bottles of Corona consumed while writing those blog posts: 3

Total page views: 48,562

Total comments: 181

Total banned comment trolls: 1

Total trackbacks: 34

Top 10 referrers: Typepad won’t tell you

% of traffic from top 10 referrers: Typepad won’t tell you

Total unique referrers: Typepad won’t tell you

Time by which this post was delayed due to your blogger watching Fox News’ live split-screen real-time view of a helicopter shot of Paris Hilton en route to court in an LAPD patrol car on the left and the arrival dock of the courthouse on the right: 36 minutes

Number of goofy widgets added to blog home page: 3

Percentage of those widgets provided by a company in which your blogger has a personal investment: 33.3%

Number of gratuitous yet entertaining Microsoft slams in first week of blog postings: 3

Number of pro-Windows Media Center posts being drafted in part to make sure you don’t start to think your blogger is anti-Microsoft: 1

Number of job offers received by your blogger from major technology news sites to do paid blogging: 1

Number of people who have criticized your blogger’s writing style: 3

Odds of your blogger changing his writing style: close to 0

Number of Robert Evans references: 1, so far

Number of predicted imminent stock market crashes based on inaccurate price/earnings data by commenters: 1

Number of man-eating saber-tooth tigers which haven’t attacked: 9

Number of manhole covers dropped through a manhole lately: 0

Fun your blogger is having: infinite

Thanks for all the comments and feedback!