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[Explanation about this blog]

I noticed a few weeks ago that Marc Andreessen had updated his blog (sometime in the last few months).  Unfortunately he deleted everything except the post announcing the formation of his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

I’ve been such a huge fan of Marc’s writing, and hated to see so many brilliant and incredibly helpful posts lost.  So I went to the Internet Wayback Machine and copy/pasted all the posts they had (through March 2008).  I had also subscribed to Marc’s blog via Feedburner e-mail, so took all of the e-mails I had saved to fill in the gaps.

To be clear, I have no ulterior motives other than making sure that Marc’s posts can be found and useful to entrepreneurs everywhere.  (And if Marc wants me to take this down, I would reluctantly do so… hopefully he won’t!)

Finally, this site is static… unless there are any of Marc’s posts that I have missed there I won’t be adding anything more.

Marc’s blog:

(My blog, with a fuller explanation: