About pmarca-archive

About pmarca-archive

Marc Andreessen had an epic run of blogging between June 2007 and the spring of 2008; this included his classic post on product/market fit.  But when he founded Andreessen Horowitz, he deleted all of this previous content from his blog and started fresh.  In the fall of 2009 I noticed this and built the pmarca-archive to keep access to all of that content.  It was originally hosted on Posterous.

After Posterous shut down I moved it here.

Some quick cautions and warnings!

  • The link addresses aren’t changed, which mean they’re prefaced by the Internet Wayback Machine archive link. If you look at the link you’ll figure out which part to delete to go to the right address.
  • Some videos have been taken down, or I couldn’t find the embed code.

About Jed Christiansen (the guy who created this)

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