Marc Andreessen Blog Archive

[My original post about setting up the blog’s archive.]

I noticed in 2009 that Marc Andreessen had deleted all of his epic posts on startups, VCs, and everything else off his blog. The only thing that was left was the post announcing the formation of his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

I was such a huge fan of Marc’s writing, and hated to see so many brilliant and incredibly helpful posts (like the post where he coined product/market fit) lost. So I went to the Internet Wayback Machine and copy/pasted all the posts they had (through March 2008). I had also subscribed to Marc’s blog via Feedburner e-mail, so grabbed all of the e-mails I had saved to fill in the gaps.  Originally this was hosted on a Posterous blog; when Posterous closed I moved it to a subdomain of my blog here. was like a meteor from June 2007 through the spring of 2008. 

Here are my favorite posts:


Click here for the full pmarca blog archive


  • The link addresses aren’t changed, which mean they’re prefaced by the Internet Wayback Machine archive link. If you look at the link you’ll figure out which part to delete to go to the right address.
  • Some videos have been taken down, or I couldn’t find the embed code.
  • I tried to include every post he made and not filter anything. However, I may have missed a few. Please let me know (via comment below) if you have any that aren’t in the archive.