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Evolution: one thought to two

I was just thinking about my evolution as a rower recently.  When I first started, I could only think about and fix one thing at a time.  (The catch, the finish, rowing hard, tapping down, handle height, etc.)  Anything more and it all would come apart.

I have now evolved and can think of two things at the same time.  During technical sessions this is great, as I can think of, say, both the catch and rotating my shoulders/body correctly.  Unfortunately when it comes to race pieces or otherwise rowing hard, that uses up one of those two thoughts.  That last thought is something I need to ration wisely in a regatta.

Perhaps one of these years I’ll evolve and be able to add in another thought.  That would be nice.

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A pair of brass …

So I was reading a little bit about General Petraeus today in the New York Times. I took a quick look at his Wikipedia article and found something very interesting, his wife.

While a cadet at the US Military Academy, aka West Point, he dated the commanding officer’s daughter!!


For a 19/20-year old cadet to date the daughter of the three-star general that ran West Point must have been one hell of a pressure cooker. But not only did he date her, he married her two months after graduation!

Colour me amazed…

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I’m not sure what to make of this…

but Club for Growth (the radical Republican tax cut advocacy group) just linked to a YouTube video I made for my company, explaining “What is a prediction market?”.

I somehow doubt they know that they are currently featuring on their front page a video created by someone who’s a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

Like I said… I’m not sure what to think…

(If you’d like to watch the video, click here to get to it on YouTube.)