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Privately-launched rockets = cool

In my last post lamenting the state of government activity in the space program, I mentioned SpaceX. Little did I know that shortly after I wrote that post, SpaceX made the first successful launch into orbit by a privately-funded company. WOW!

This is a landmark achievement, and I look forward to seeing more successes from them as they rollout increasingly bigger launch vehicles. (aka, Big-F’in Rockets) If they meet expectations, they will dramatically decrease the cost of launching satellites into space, which is a very good thing. (Dramatically = ~10-25% of current costs!)

Watch history in the making below. (My favorite part is hearing the employees in the background go nuts.)

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Getting ready for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

I promise that I’ll post more on my first few days at Cambridge shortly. Suffice it to say that it’s been busy, fascinating, invigorating, but with hints of a typical English paperwork hell.

I just saw this video via the Times Online (the F1 blog) and had to share it. It’s a hilarious parody advert for the McLaren F1 racing team. Apparently the team is getting ready in a rather novel way for the race in Singapore this weekend; the first F1 race to ever take place at night.

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RIP Richard Wright: 1943-2008

Richard Wright, the keyboardist for Pink Floyd, died today of cancer.

While I wasn’t part of the generation that grew up with Pink Floyd, I certainly grew up listening to them. (The only album I bought when it first came out was The Division Bell.)

My first honest-to-goodness rock concert was seeing them in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metrodome in 1994. Amazingly, three friends and I managed to get ticket that were in the twelfth row, center stage! And get this… tickets were $30 each. The $60 “VIP” seats were actually behind outs. Since the stage was ten stories tall, the VIP section was moved back, and my buddies and I managed to get some of the best seats in the house. We had to enter from the back of the audience in the dome, and as we walked closer and closer to the stage, we just couldn’t believe our luck.

Oh, and the concert was incredible… it had to be one of the best staged tours I’ve seen, with inflatable pigs, four-story disco balls, a huge movie screen in the middle of the stage, and more. Interesting that the band is from Cambridge, where in a week I’ll be starting school.

Richard Wright was a heck of a musician; I’m sorry to hear he’s gone.

[One of my favorite Floyd songs… though it’s probably one of everyone’s favorites]: