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“Lucky” – a very lucky koala bear

So I was checking e-mail and saw a link to a Reuters Oddly Enough article that mentioned something about a koala. Curious, I clicked through to read it.

The article was about a koala bear that was hit by a car and was stuck in the grill of the car for over 7 miles before the driver was flagged down by another driver. (How you don’t notice hitting an animal of that size, I don’t know.) The story had the obligatory rescue notes, the koala survived and everything was happy in the end.

And then I read the last sentence:

Lucky will stay at the hospital […] for 45 days to recover from his experience and receive treatment for a chlamydial infection.

So THAT’S why he was called “Lucky”! (That crazy Aussie sense of humour…)

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Must-read blog

If you’re looking for a fun, low-traffic post that is both thought-provoking, funny and simply a must-read, try Ironic Sans.

I’ve talked before about the plugin he’s made to “uncensor the Internet”, but he also posts random cool ideas like the Bulbdial clock here:


Another very cool recent post was on courtroom artists, of all things. He showed the pictures they’ve drawn and also the things they draw and paint outside the courtroom.

I’m a huge fan, and hope you check it out yourself!