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Make a difference in government: a 3-step guide for blue state tech workers


As a blue state tech worker (CA, in my case) it seems that I don’t have a lot of ways to affect politics.  My Senators, representative, and local politicians already hold the same values and believe in the same policies I do.  But I want to make a difference for Americans across the country, especially those that are in danger of a Trump administration.  For others in my situation, here is a simple, 3-step guide to make a difference in our country:

Step 1 – Ask if your employer offers a gift match on charitable donations!  It’s not unusual for top technology employers to match thousands of dollars a year.

Step 2 – Create an account on CharityNavigator.  It’s a leading site to help make good decisions on how to spend charitable donations.  It rates charities on a 0 to 4-star scale, where 4-star charities are “Exceptional”, exceeding industry standards and outperforming most charities in its cause, and 3-star charities are “Good”, exceeding/meeting industry standards and performing as good or better than charities in its cause.  (Donating through CharityNavigator then makes it very easy to do your tax paperwork!)

Step 3 – Give to top-rated non-profits that correspond to the causes you care about, and take advantage of your employer’s gift match!  Make an impact with dollars.  A $1000 donation with an employer gift match gives $2000 to the charity, but could only cost you ~$700 with your tax deduction.  Check these causes and charities out… and donate:


Civil Rights

Women’s Health


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