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In memory of John Delaney, 1969-2011

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I’m very sorry to say that the world lost John Delaney on May 22, 2011.  John was the CEO of prediction market Intrade, one of the most well-known real-money prediction markets.  He was climbing Mount Everest and came within 50 meters of the summit when he encountered medical problems and died.

I’ve known John for some time; though we only met for the first time in October 2007.  I was struck by how down-to-earth he was, and truly interested in having everyone in the prediction market industry succeed.  At the time, Intrade was going through a legal separation of sorts from its other entity Tradesports, and many had questions and concerns about what that meant.  John was incredibly honest and up-front, and didn’t pull any punches in speaking about the issues.

To make this tragedy even worse, his wife gave birth to a baby daughter just before he made his way to the summit.  He died without knowing he had become a father once again.

I will personally remember John as a successful entrepreneur and as a man who embodied the friendly and big-hearted nature of the Irish.  He will be truly missed.

Rest in Peace, John.

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