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Looking back – 1.5 years since “Copying Y Combinator”

It’s been nearly one and a half years since I originally wrote my paper on seed accelerators: “Copying Y Combinator: Why and How”, which focused on how other people or organizations could create their own programmes.  I wanted to reflect on what has changed, and what hasn’t changed since, and what that means for the […]

Fun new video from the Rural Alberta Advantage

So I’ve become a huge fan of the Rural Alberta Advantage.  (You can check out my post about their London concert here.)  They’ve got a new album coming out on Tuesday, March 1st: “Departed.” They played a couple of tracks from their new album at their concert, and they were great.  (It can be hard […]

What I struggle with every day…

Seth Godin truly nailed it on the head today with a short blog post titled “In and out“. That’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make today. How much time and effort should be spent on intake, on inbound messages, on absorbing data… and how much time and effort should be invested in output, […]