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Three quick notes…

Note 1 – A VERY local Failblog If you haven’t ever heard of Failblog, it’s simply hilarious. Every day there are a ton of photos and videos that can only be described as “FAIL.” But Thursday there was a post called “Bus Driver Fail“. What’s great about this is that the video was taken at […]

A Marc Andreessen blog archive

I noticed a few weeks ago that Marc Andreessen had deleted virtually everything off his blog. The only thing that’s left is the post announcing the formation of his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz. I’ve been such a huge fan of Marc’s writing, and hated to see so many brilliant and incredibly helpful posts lost. So […]

Why I chose to be an aero major?

So my undergraduate degree is in aerospace engineering, from the University of Michigan. (Go BLUE!) As I wrote yesterday, I am and always will be an aero geek. But perhaps I also chose it for long-term earning potential? A blog post in the New York Times showed this graph of the “Top 10 College Majors […]

More on SpaceX…

So I’m an aero geek; always have been, always will be. But with SpaceX’s latest big update, I have to say that I absolutely can’t wait to see the first Falcon9 launch. (See an earlier post on SpaceX and Falcon 9 here.) For background, Falcon 9 can lift just over 10,000kg to Low Earth Orbit. […]