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Panama Canal crossing video

I got a kick out of seeing this video. It’s a timelapse video taken of a cruise ship going through the Panama Canal. The fun bits with locks are at the beginning and end; in the middle there’s quite a large lake that needs to be sailed across.

My old boat (the USS Hartford, SSN 768) sailed across the Panama Canal a year or two after I left; I’m still a bit jealous that I missed it. Going through the Suez wasn’t nearly as interesting, and I did that twice.

  • Thats an awesome video! We crossed halfway into the channel (to Gatun Lake) on our Senior Cruise and the locks were a lot of fun. On the way out some people on our ship threw frisbees to the people working on the locks and they threw them back.

  • Nice. Some of the scenery looks amazing, though it's hard to tell in time-lapse!

  • Cool Video, Thanks for sharing it