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Amir Nathoo, WebMynd, Cambridge & Y Combinator

Amir Nathoo is a Founder and the CEO of, a really interesting startup company founded a little over a year ago. He spoke on Wednesday this week at an event organized by the Cambridge Network at the offices of Red Gate Software. Amir spoke about his company and his experiences getting accepted to and […]

USS Hartford collision

So my old boat, the USS Hartford, was in a significant collision this week. While transiting (submerged) through the Straits of Hormuz, they ran into the USS New Orleans, an amphibious ship (surface ship that carries Marines). According to reports, about 15 people on the Hartford were hurt, though luckily none were seriously injured. The […]

Panama Canal crossing video

I got a kick out of seeing this video. It’s a timelapse video taken of a cruise ship going through the Panama Canal. The fun bits with locks are at the beginning and end; in the middle there’s quite a large lake that needs to be sailed across. My old boat (the USS Hartford, SSN […]

University of Michigan – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

I’ve long had this theory that at any given time, the University of Michigan can only have two successful sports of the three top sports: football, basketball, and ice hockey. (Aka, the sports where Michigan has traditionally excelled.) A key data point has come this year: Michigan’s football team collapsed. But to even out the […]

Kevin Roberts & his challenges

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, is also the CEO-in-Residence at Judge Business School. He came in to talk to us recently about Winning with an MBA, which was particularly useful considering the somewhat dismal job market that we’ll be entering later this year. First off, he’s really an incredible speaker. His staff […]

Cambridge – putting the pieces together by opening up

Cambridge is an incredible city for science and technology. For the Americans reading this, imagine if you put Harvard and MIT together and you’ve got a good idea of what Cambridge is like. (With a short note to point out that both Harvard and MIT are in Cambridge, MA… named after THIS Cambridge!) It’s the […]

Another reason why I blog

From the always-fantastic Seth Godin: Personal Branding in the age of Google A friend advertised on Craigslist for a housekeeper. Three interesting resumes came to the top. She googled each person’s name. The first search turned up a MySpace page. There was a picture of the applicant, drinking beer from a funnel. Under hobbies, the […]