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Things I wish I had known…

Alexandra posted an interesting list a while back on “Surviving Michaelmas Term” on the Cambridge MBA. I wanted to pick and choose what I thought were some great insights and pointers for future students. (I also grabbed a few from other people in the comments, too.) It’s really a list for surviving a one-year MBA! […]

OpenCoffee Cambridge & thoughts and ideas on the startup scene

First of all, thank you to everyone that came out to the first OpenCoffee Cambridge today! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and thought the worst case would mean about 3-4 people would just chat in the coffee shop. I didn’t try to make an accurate count, but I would guess about 30 people or […]

Announcing OpenCoffee Club in Cambridge

Saul Klein started the OpenCoffee Club just about two years ago with an initial gathering in London. As I’ve mentioned before, Cambridge is one of the other hearts of entrepreneurial ventures in the UK and Europe. About 10% of venture capital across Europe is invested in Cambridge. (A city of just 80,000 people if you […]

Valentine’s Day Geek humor

In honor of Valentine’s Day, from one of the CUER mailing lists… How do I love you? Let me count the ways: If you were an A.C. voltage I’d keep you in phase If you could transmit a moment I would want to twist you If you were a current through me I could not […]

Wherein the Grey Lady removes her trousers in public

I’ve read the New York Times since I got a great deal as a freshman at the University of Michigan for daily delivery to my dorm room. It’s a great newspaper in my view, with some really solid reporting both in the US and internationally. But today I read an article that made me think […]

A fascinating blog

I have a slight confession to make. While I got my undergrad degree in engineering, I’ve always enjoyed reading and try to read quite a bit. By all rights, I should detest grammar, and in many ways I do. (Probably because I never really learned it properly.) But that said, I’m fascinated by the ins […]

Barack Obama as a Rorschach test

President Barack Obama’s multi-ethnic background and refusal to get tied down to stereotypes has made him a cultural Rorschach test. The definitive proof? This song: There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama (Lyrics here) And a better video can be seen if you click on this link. The band disabled embedding videos…

The law of unintended consequences

So a little over a year ago or so I was thinking about Twitter. Twitter is a tool that is both a type of social network (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) but is also a type of communications tool. I noticed that certain people posted on Twitter constantly, and used the communications tool functionality constantly. Trying […]