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Get yourself on Twitter!

One of the biggest stories in the tech world in 2008 has been Twitter. I was at first quite down on Twitter, but have since changed my mind. It’s a mix of a social network (like Facebook/MySpace) and a communications tool (like email/texting). The best way to describe it is through this short YouTube video: […]

A short personal note

My apologies for the lack of posting recently… LondonAnnie and I moved! We’re just down the road a bit from our old place. For the same rent we’ve got a much bigger flat that even has a view of the river. It’s a 2 bedroom, which means it will be much easier for family and […]

A Friday music video

He’s a rock legend. She’s a bluegrass star. Together, they put together one hell of an album. Here’s one great video:

Signs of a very weak economy, how Clare College is taking advantage

This article in the New York Times shows exactly how weak the economy has become: In the market equivalent of shoveling cash under the mattress, hordes of buyers were so eager on Tuesday to park money in the world’s safest investment, United States government debt, that they agreed to accept a zero percent rate of […]

I’m late to the party here…

… because Vampire Weekend started getting huge in the beginning of 2008. While I heard their music then, I recently listened to a few songs again and got really hooked all of a sudden. Their album is a really interesting, unique, solid piece of work. (Pop with African hooks and beats to use broad descriptive […]

Estimating 37signals revenue and general profitability

One of the all-time most popular posts on my blog is my original post where I showed how I modelled the revenue and revenue growth of 37signals. It showed a business that has made quite a bit of money in the past few years; I originally estimated revenue of $3.5million in 2007 and over $5million […]

Hacking the GMAT

I was thinking recently that it was only about a year or so ago that I finally decided to apply for business school. Registering (and paying!) for the GMAT was a first big step into making it real. For those people that are reading this and have yet to take the GMAT, I have just […]

An MBA Rugby Blue, the last sprint and a magnificent cover letter

I want to say a public congratulations to Doug Rowe, a fellow Cambridge MBA student. Just yesterday he was named as the scrum-half for the Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club 1st XV in their Varsity Match against Oxford at Twickenham Stadium next Thursday (the 11th). He will be a bit of a rare commodity; […]