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Finance, by Bill Janeway

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing Bill Janeway speak to our MBA class. Bill was formerly vice-chairman of Warburg Pincus (the Private Equity fund) and is still a Senior Advisor to the company. He sits on a number of boards, and is incredibly active at Cambridge. In fact, you may recognize him from […]

Star Trek, suicide and Bush voters

I originally heard about StateStats from Fred Wilson, of A VC fame. It sounded interesting. To quote the site: This tool shows you how popular a Google search query is in each U.S. state, giving a ranking like the one you see in the left column. It then compares this ranking with other ways of […]

True Knowledge – A test

So Google essentially owns the current search market. The thing is, Google searches based on key words and key phrases. It doesn’t necessarily provide a specific answer to a question. A local, Cambridge-based company is trying to expand the idea of what a finding answers can and should look like. That company is True Knowledge. […]

Meeting Michael van Swaaij, Chairman (and former CEO) of Skype

On Monday this week our MBA class had the opportunity to hear Michael van Swaaij speak to our class. He is the current Chairman of Skype, having previously served as CEO of Skype and Chief Strategy Officer (amongst other roles) at eBay. First of all, I have to say that he was a fantastic speaker. […]

A Sunday post…

I saw this yesterday via Fred Wilson. For those of us in Business School, I think it’s critically important to keep a holistic vision of our life and goals in mind. This video really says it all.

Rowing, couples, and an elegant Jesus College dinner

The big thing that I was trying to focus on this weekend was the Four’s Head of the River Race, on the River Thames in London. Last year I rowed for Thames Rowing Club; this year I rowed for my Cambridge college crew (Jesus College Boat Club). The race went okay, but wasn’t spectacular. Our […]

Thoughts on Obama and leadership

It was clear to me quite early on Election Night that Nate Silver’s reputation was well-deserved, and Barack Obama was going to be the next President of the United States. As blue states were called quickly for Obama and it took quite some time to call red states for McCain, the result was even more […]

Things making me happy today…

These are the things that are making me happy today: Top Gear! – Top Gear is back on television! One of the best shows on TV anywhere, it started its new season last night. Really funny, and just lots of fun to watch. This also allows me to bring up a HUGE pet peeve of […]