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A Sunday music post…

I can’t remember where I first got this song, but recently whenever I hear it I can’t seem to get it out of my head. It’s “Barely Listening” by a band called Pilot Speed. (They’re Canadian, from Toronto.)

Our Olympic travels are over

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday! I know it’s been too long since I posted last, but hopefully this will explain why. Essentially, the last few days in Beijing were incredibly busy, then we flew back to London and immediately went back to work. I’m glad that we’ve got Monday off (bank holiday) so I […]

Saturday rowing finals – Fun, exciting and messy

The only event we had on Saturday was rowing. It included the A finals (and medal ceremonies) for the men and women’s single sculls, double sculls, coxless pairs, and the men’s coxless four. Photos for everything can be found by clicking here. The big race The most exciting race of the day (for us) was […]

Friday wrap-up

Friday for us was Gymnastics and Beach Volleyball day. Gymnastics Our first event was the Women’s Gymnastics Individual All-Around Final. Since it started at 11am, we managed to get there with plenty of time to spare so that we could experience a bit of the Olympic Green before going in. Since it had rained the […]

Wrestling Day

Thursday was wrestling day for us. Unfortunately, freestyle wrestling (the traditional US style) takes place next week, so we saw the Greco-Roman competition. We had tickets for the heats up to the semi-finals in the morning, and then the medal rounds in the evening. It was surprisingly interesting. At first it was a bit difficult […]

Day 5 of competitions

Today was the fifth day of Olympic competitions. We spent the morning doing our tourist stuff and the afternoon watching some great rowing. Tourists on the Prowl Today we met up with a couple friends from Thames Rowing Club and their friends to tour the Forbidden City, eight of us in total. While it was […]

Groundhog day on the Great Wall of China

Today we skipped our rowing events to instead head out to the Great Wall of China. We originally planned on doing this with a friend that we ran into yesterday, but she overslept and missed it. Doh! But first… Groundhog Day. I’m not sure if it has been totally clear from my previous posts, but […]