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Air races

This weekend the Red Bull air races are taking place in London. Specifically, they’re racing over the River Thames with the Millenium Dome as a backdrop. I managed to catch some of their practice runs today. Unfortunately the only camera I had was on my iPhone (which is also how I’m writing this post!) Cool […]

True Knowledge – Free invites to a different kind of search

I’ve been reading about True Knowledge for quite a while now. True Knowledge is a Cambridge (UK) based company that’s building a new search engine, but based on completely different techniques than Google. With their system, you literally type a question into the search box to get your answer. (There’s more behind the scenes, but […]

Into the wild blue yonder

Have you heard about Virgin Galactic’s White Knight 2? It was unveiled Monday at Scaled Composite’s Mojave complex. I’m quite happy that I’ve got an interesting connection to it… one of my good friends from back at the University of Michigan (and the Solar Car Team) was the lead aero designer for WK2! Yes, I’m […]

Meditations – the start of a series

I picked up a book recently that’s been both a fascinating and inspirational read: “Meditations,” by Marcus Aurelius. (This book is the translation I actually own, which is a bit newer and has an unnecessarily pompous title.) I’ve found it a great little book to keep with my bag as I ride the Tube into […]

Congratulations to the University of Michigan Solar Car Team

Congratulations to the University of Michigan Solar Car Team!  They just won the teams’ fifth national championship, beating thirteen other teams from Austin, TX to Calgary, Canada.  The team is the winningist team in the United States, having won five of the nine national championships.  This year’s margin was the biggest ever, just under ten […]

Racing across the US and Canada

Back at University I spent virtually all my time working on and leading the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. It was a fascinating experience, and I raced our cars across the US in Sunrayce 97 and Sunrayce 99, as well as across Australia in the World Solar Challenge 99. I wrote a bit about […]

“Lucky” – a very lucky koala bear

So I was checking e-mail and saw a link to a Reuters Oddly Enough article that mentioned something about a koala. Curious, I clicked through to read it. The article was about a koala bear that was hit by a car and was stuck in the grill of the car for over 7 miles before […]

First day+ with the iPhone

So I’ve had my new iPhone for about a day now. Upgrading to this from a Motorola RAZR is like skipping two generations of evolution… wow. The display alone is so crisp, sharp and readable that it makes it a treat to use. The problems I’ve had so far definitely relate to battery life. Partly […]