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A pair of brass …

So I was reading a little bit about General Petraeus today in the New York Times. I took a quick look at his Wikipedia article and found something very interesting, his wife. While a cadet at the US Military Academy, aka West Point, he dated the commanding officer’s daughter!! WOW!! For a 19/20-year old cadet […]

I’m not sure what to make of this…

but Club for Growth (the radical Republican tax cut advocacy group) just linked to a YouTube video I made for my company, explaining “What is a prediction market?”. I somehow doubt they know that they are currently featuring on their front page a video created by someone who’s a strong supporter of Barack Obama. […]

Must-read blog

If you’re looking for a fun, low-traffic post that is both thought-provoking, funny and simply a must-read, try Ironic Sans. I’ve talked before about the plugin he’s made to “uncensor the Internet”, but he also posts random cool ideas like the Bulbdial clock here: Another very cool recent post was on courtroom artists, of all […]

Obama and the Presidency

Marc Andreessen had the opportunity to sit down with Barack Obama for a long chat a while back. There were a couple of really interesting insights that I wanted to highlight here. One of the supposed questions about Barack Obama is based on the fact that he doesn’t have the executive experience that many recent […]