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Today was the UK’s Unofficial “Workout after Work” Day

The UK “Workout after Work” Day is celebrated on the Monday evening after shifting to Daylight Savings Time. Here in the UK, that day was today. As expected, thousands of people that likely haven’t done any real working out in the past few months went running, cycling, walking or managed a similar workout this evening. […]

A couple of recent reads

I wanted to write about two books that I’ve read recently. The Nine, by Jeffrey Toobin, and Imperial Life in the Emerald City, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court I bought “The Nine” a number of months ago as I browsed in a Washington DC bookshop. I’m fascinated […]

Career advice when leaving the military – a potential lifeline

I recently traded some interesting e-mails with Charlie O’Donnell, the Founder/CEO of Path101. If you haven’t heard of them now, I wouldn’t be surprised as they’re still very much in their development phase. But I think in the coming few years you certainly will have heard of and experimented with their website. Path101 aims to […]

Brilliant song, decent video

I originally heard of the song “Haunted” on this blog here. It’s a duet by Shane McGowan and Sinead O’Connor, and it’s simply a fantastic song. A beautiful voice combined with a gravelly old voice… it’s great! (Now I just need to buy the album.) Check out the video for it here:

We’ve moved!

We’ve moved! Don’t worry, you don’t need to update your addressbooks for us. We just moved from the first-floor flat to the ground-floor flat. It seems a little unnecessary, but we now have access to a garden! It was great to do it over a four day weekend (Friday and Monday are UK Bank Holidays, […]

Head of the River Race 2008

So this last weekend I was finally able to race in the Head of the River Race; only my second time in four years. (2007 was cancelled because of absolute s**t water conditions, and in 2006 I was diagnosed with a broken rib just a few days before the race.) Considering that we only had […]


For those of you who know what I’ve been up to recently, I can announce the first round of success! Happy days!

Ahh, the good ol’ days

It turns out the Navy’s newest operational submarine (USS Virginia) is going up against my old boat in some war-gaming as they prepare for their first overseas deployment. From The Day: Last week they were preparing for a war-gaming exercise with the USS Hartford (SSN 768), another Groton-based submarine, in which they planned to fire […]