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Smith Center, Kansas

This little town was featured on the front page of the NYTimes website today. It’s a heartwarming story. (Link is here.) Essentially this little town is an absolute football powerhouse, having not lost a game in several seasons, now. But as I was reading it, I had a blinding flashback… I’ve BEEN to Smith Center, […]

Incredible bookstore!

A while ago I read about this absolutely INCREDIBLE new bookstore in the Netherlands. (H/T to John at Brand Autopsy.) An old (essentially unused) church in the heart of this city was turned into the most incredible bookstore you’ll likely ever see. The building hadn’t been used as a church for years. In more recent […]

From the London Metro

I couldn’t pass up quoting this: A stunned schoolboy was given a birthday to remember when a stripper performed a no-holds-barred routine for him — while he was still in class. The youngster’s mother asked an agency to send a man dressed in a gorilla suit to mark his 16th birthday. But the booking got […]