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Racing Teams – Solar and more

One of the most foundational and transformational experiences in my life was working on the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. I had the opportunity to work on and race the 1997 car Wolverine, and to serve as Project Manager for the 1999 car, MaizeBlaze. Wolverine raced across the US in Sunrayce 97, and MaizeBlaze […]

Voyeur vs. Exhibitionist (on Twitter)

I realized the other day that while I (and many others) rarely twitter my “status” or “what I’m doing,” other people are doing so constantly. That’s when I realized there are really just two different types of people: Twitter Voyeurs and Twitter Exhibitionists. Examples of Twitter Exhibitionists: Guy Kawasaki – Who’s constantly twittering about “truemors.” […]

Terry Tate – Office Linebacker

I was recently reminded of the Terry Tate adverts when I was back in the States. They’re absolutely hilarious! Terry’s World This one is my favourite. When he starts the “Pain Train” with the “Woo-Woo” train whistle while his victim frantically digs in the rubbish, I nearly cried laughing. Draft Day Office Athlete of the […]