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Uploading Keynote presentations to YouTube WITH TRANSITIONS!

If you’re like me, you occasionally like using the 3-D and other transition effects in Apple’s Keynote software. However, if you try exporting these videos to YouTube, you’ll find that they just don’t work. Between Apple’s exporting and YouTube’s importing, enough data is lost and/or compressed that the final result looks like crap. (While the slides and audio are fine, the transitions are horrible.)

I found a workaround to this problem, and have used it to successfully upload Keynote presentations to YouTube with the 3-D and other transitions working beautifully. While there may certainly be better ways of doing this, the way I’ve found works and is detailed below:

First, within Keynote, export your completed presentation as a Quicktime movie, but with a custom format:


Next, for your custom format, choose a custom size:


Select 320 x 240 as your custom size; it’s the YouTube size. If it doesn’t show a frame rate of between 24 and 30, click the “Settings” button to change this:


Once you’ve finished these selections, export your presentation as a Quicktime movie.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t like videos that have been exported this way, so I use iMovie as a quick and painless work-around.

Open iMovie and drag the recently-exported Quicktime movie into the new movie project:


Next, export your iMovie project as a Quicktime file, but select “Expert Settings”:


When the Save box comes up, select “Options”, highlighted here:


This next screen finally lets you get your presentation into a format that YouTube likes. Make sure the file format is MPEG-4 (Improved), the Image Size is still 320×240 QVGA, and that the frame rate is 24 or higher.


Click OK to export, and you’ll have an MP4 file that will export nicely into YouTube with all of your audio and transitions fully intact.

I hope this is useful for you!

  • Michelle Jenneuy

    Thanks so much for your information. I put my first presentation on UTube this morning. MLJ45.

  • jed

    Hi, Michelle. I’m glad you found it useful!


  • andochej

    followed the instructions to send keynotes video to youtube, exported from Keynotes to quicktime but could not drag onto iMOVIE… what could I be doing wrong?

  • jedc


    To be honest, I'm not sure. Having written it over a year ago I've forgotten some of the details.

    This procedure is really for the fancy transitions in Keynote… if you don't have those you may not need this procedure.

  • joshuascottpaul

    i made a step by step series of screenshots here of these notes here:


  • jedc

    That's awesome! I'll be re-blogging this shortly…

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