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Minneapolis/St. Paul – Drunken city?

Maybe I haven’t been home to Minnesota in a while, but I was rather surprised to read the Minneapolis/St. Paul has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the 2nd “Drunkest City” in the USA. (Milwaukee beating it out for first place.) Seriously? I would have thought a city like New York, with all-night clubs and […]

Wealth and longevity

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting blog on wealthy people, and there’s an interesting post yesterday about “Where will all the mansions go?” I’ve thought about this a bit because it’s something you see here in the UK all the time. Amazing houses were built by ridiculously rich people over the past several hundreds […]

Learning and mastering

From John Maeda… While on vacation I found a book in the house I was renting with a little note enscribed in the margin: When you’re green you grow. When you’re ripe you rot. Finding this quote was quite heartening as it validated my own philosophy of life. When I know something well, I stop […]

Geek out in space

So I’ve been a big fan of SpaceX for a while, and even considered trying to get a job there at one point. I’m on their mailing list, and they just released a huge project update with lots of fantastic photos. Check out the SpaceX Updates page for more details. But get a load of […]

Quote for athletes everywhere…

I think I first saw this on Tom Peter’s Blog. Hall of Fame basketball player Larry Bird was once asked what he wanted his epitaph to be; surprisingly, he said that he wanted to have played as hard at practices where not a soul was in attendance as in Game 7 of a World Championship […]

You MUST watch and download this video

I wanted to make this video the first real post to my blog. It’s Sir Ken Robinson, a British creativity guru, talking at the TED conference in 2006. Watch it, download it here, and tell other people about it. It’s fascinating and inspirational.